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Malfunkshun – Return to Olympus

In i reccomend, music, tahlia's on June 13, 2010 at 6:44 pm

malfunkshun, along side green river, is considered one of the pioneers of grunge. they have roots of glam and hard rock, but basically created this whole other genre called grunge. their other band is mother love bone. to me, this whole album is appealing and not real ‘in your face’. favourite song would definitely be ‘i wanna be yo daddy’, regardless how odd the song name sounds.

13 songs / 50.3 minutes / download

  1. got an absurd amount of errors from that rar :/ I can listen to this album fine but all but 4 of the Green River album’s songs are glitched

    • really T_T hm, i when i get round to it, i will reupload the rehab doll/dry as a bone, and return to olympus, using a different .rar program. but i also have had a couple of glitches in some of the songs, but not as bad as you’ve said :/

    • i reuploaded them, so they should all work now :/ if not, sorry! i’ll try again.

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